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Lung Ultrasound and COVID-19

Learn how to perform a lung ultrasound to detect the COVID-19 coronavirus with Block Buddy’s new, free lesson.

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    ERAS: A Path to Avoid Opioids

    In an opioid-driven world, what are other options to help patients after surgery and spare them from touching opioids? Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is one method.

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    SRNA Discount Program

    We’re offering a 30% OFF discount of a monthly or annual Block Buddy Pro subscription for students at accredited CRNA or Anesthesia Programs. All communication for discounts must go through a Program Director or Instructor, and the Instructor will be responsible for all communication with students.

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    Global Response Management Partners with Block Buddy Pro

    Block Buddy Pro is partnering with Global Response Management to provide education about ultrasound guided nerve blocks to high-risk, low-resource areas. The Block Buddy Pro mobile app will be utilized by GRM medics in the field when performing life-saving operations across the globe.

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