Block Buddy Pro

The wait is over. Block Buddy Pro is here to advance your regional anesthesia education.

Continuing Education

We offer exclusive lectures and hands-on sessions to demonstrate how to safely and effectively perform ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.

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    SRNA Discount Program

    We’re offering a 30% OFF discount of a monthly or annual Block Buddy Pro subscription for students at accredited CRNA or Anesthesia Programs. All communication for discounts must go through a Program Director or Instructor, and the Instructor will be responsible for all communication with students.

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    How to Safely Dispose of Opioids and Pain Medication

    Do you have old opioids or pain medications in your medicine cabinet that you no longer use? These drugs can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so you must know how to properly dispose of them. Learn how to dispose of expired, unwanted, or unused medicines by considering the following options.

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    Regional Nerve Blocks are the Non-Opioid Alternative for Chronic Pain Relief

    The opioid crisis is one of the deadliest epidemics in U.S. history, so medical professionals are increasingly turning to ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks for a safer, non-opioid alternative for chronic pain relief.

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