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Do you have technical questions about Block Buddy Pro? Review the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access content offline?
  • Yes, with Block Buddy Pro you can download content directly to your phone for offline use.

How do I download content to my phone?
  • View the specific lesson you want to download and click the green arrow in the top right corner. Once your download is compete, a green check mark will replace the arrow.

How do I view my downloaded content?
  • View your downloaded content under “tools” in the main menu, or put the app in offline mode and you will be able to access only the items that have been downloaded.

How will I know when the app is updated with new content?
  • There will be a notification on the app when a new update is available.

What do I do if my app won’t open?
  • For any trouble with the Block Buddy Pro app, contact our technical team by scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the contact form.

I forgot my username or password, what do I do?
  • Click the “forgot password” link below the login or contact our technical support team by filling out the contact form below.

How do I take notes in the Block Buddy Pro app?
  • Within each lesson, click on the pencil icon to add a note to that lesson. To view a previously created note, click on the paper icon or search for notes under the tools category in the main menu.

How do I cancel my subscription?
  • To cancel your subscription, go to settings in the main menu and click on my subscription. You will be redirected to the website and there can cancel your subscription.

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