Block Buddy Pro Student Discount

Students Exclusive Offer: Two Years for the Price of One!

No matter how you look at it, going to college is not cheap. If you’re a college student, with student loans and expensive books piling up, your financial situation might be a little stressful at the moment. Not to worry, Block Buddy Pro is offering a deal for students: 2 Years for the price of 1 Year! All you need to do is have your CRNA Program Director or Faculty member contact us, and we can work out a deal for your entire program.

What is Block Buddy Pro?

Block Buddy Pro is an app that serves as the ultimate resource for nerve block education. It teaches you how to perform dozens of ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks safely and effectively. The app contains several block descriptions, instructional videos, hundreds of ultrasound and medical images, point of care ultrasound (POCUS), non-opioid medications, local anesthetics, and more. Block Buddy Pro is full of excellent educational content and is very easy to use.

The app can be accessed offline, giving users the opportunity to view content when an Internet connection is not available. You can even access the app on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Add notes to improve your understanding of various regional anesthesia techniques, or log blocks you perform during your clinical rotations. The app will benefit a College or University’s CRNA Program by serving as an additional resource for students to learn important ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block techniques.

Student Discount Program

CRNA Program Directors and Faculty members are eligible for 2 Years for the price of 1 Year to see how the app will benefit their curriculum. Program Directors and Instructors, simply contact [email protected] to get started. We can provide your program with a discount code to enroll your students in our 2 Years for the price of 1 Year Student Discount program.

Just send us the name of the program and the total number of students in the program to which the discount will be given. Then, we will give you a custom coupon code and instructions for your students. Remember, all communication must go through a Program Director or Faculty member who will be responsible for all communication with students. We do not accept individual student requests.

Enroll today and start saving. Email us at [email protected] to improve your curriculum with Block Buddy Pro!