How We Choose Partners

The Block Buddy team carefully partners with reputable companies and products that we have determined may be of value for our users and followers. To be considered a Block Buddy partner, companies undergo a detailed screening process so we ensure that only the most well-respected and qualified businesses are associated with the Block Buddy brand. We choose partners who may provide our users with a wide variety of resources, opportunities, and solutions.

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Sterile Transducer Cover with Adhesive

Safersonic offers sterile, single-use transducer covers for intrasurgical applications. Their covers include an adhesive which creates a tight, flawless seal without the need for messy gel. Their latex-free transducer covers are telescopically folded to provide a sterile application, require no rubber bands, and leave no glue residue behind. Complete the form below for more information. | (847) 274-1534

Block Buddy Partners, Safersonic Sterile Transducer Cover in Bag with Safersonic Label

Please contact us to request a sample or connect with Safersonic.