Host Customized Regional Anesthesia Conferences

Continue Education with Custom Conferences

Continuing education has never been more convenient! Block Buddy offers private workshops and conferences with award-winningworld-class instructors who can customize the conference agenda to meet your specific needs. A custom regional anesthesia conference from Block Buddy can explore how to safely and effectively perform ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with classroom lectures and hands-on demonstrations. It is an opportunity for any CRNA, SRNA, or MD to brush up on old skills and learn new ones, resulting in increased confidence, clarity, and credibility in the operating room. Every university, state association, and private anesthesia group has a different interest or need, so Block Buddy will customize your regional anesthesia conference to fit your needs. We provide Conference Support and are happy to accommodate any group size anywhere in the United States. And yes, we even receive approval from the AANA for Class A Continuing Education CE credits.


What Does a Typical Regional Anesthesia Conference Look Like?

Our regional anesthesia conferences typically span from a single day to several days, based on whatever the group would prefer. For an idea of how to set up your conference, here is what a typical Block Buddy conference may look like:

Example of a Private Regional Anesthesia Conference

Let’s recap a past regional anesthesia conference, so you can have a more detailed understanding of what you could expect. The Block Buddy team held a private conference at Henry Community Health to teach their staff about ultrasound-guided nerve block techniques. There was a great group of around two dozen CRNAs and SRNAs in attendance. The regional anesthesia conference began at 7:30AM with a detailed presentation about Infraclavicular Blocks, PECS, and Serratus Plane Blocks. Next, we did an hour-long Skills Lab to give the group an opportunity for some hands-on learning. Then at 9:30AM, we discussed TAP, Rectus Sheath, and Transversalis Fascia Blocks. And finally, we wrapped up the morning session with a lesson regarding the Erector Spinae Block.

After a lunch break, we engaged with the group again for a 1.5-hour long Skills Lab. Then, we presented the PENG Block, Adductor Canal Block, and Popliteal Sciatic Block. We concluded the evening with another Skills Lab to cover the final nerve blocks that we covered that day. Photos of the regional anesthesia conference are below. Contact us for more information.